Lifewriting uses Joseph Campbell’s model of “The Hero’s Journey” for multiple purposes: to analyze story, to plot story, to plan the creation of a project, or to map the path to a goal. It is infinitely flexible, and is one fine approach to understanding the path of human life.

As we interpret it, the steps are:
1) The Hero is confronted with a challenge
2) Initially they reject the challenge
3) They are forced or allowed to accept it.
4) The Road of Trials
5) Gathering Allies and Powers
6) Initial confrontation with evil, and defeat
7) The Dark Night of the Soul
8) The Leap of Faith
9) Confront evil again, and gain victory
10) The student becomes the teacher.

We suggest that you apply this pattern to five of your favorite movies. Share your interpretations with us so that we can learn as well. And then…apply it to the process of reaching your next goal!

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