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Christopher Cornell

I go by either Chris or Christopher. I use Christopher so people might think twice about confusing me with the grunge singer, but I still get occasional fan mail. I live in Northern California and code by day, write fiction and create music by night. I’m currently shopping around my second novel (the first never quite made it past beta reader level–someday!) while working on my third. It’s a satirical cyber-thriller about a whistleblower in a Transmetropolitan-esque setting. (Thanks to DongWon for helping me figure out a concise description!)

I produce and co-host a podcast called Unreliable Narrators and am also close to releasing an audio drama about Prohibition-era Emeryville (with monsters, of course). I also just got a commission to write a short story, which I should be working on frantically since it’s due this weekend. Pray for me.

I met a lot of you on the cruise (Tudor garb in the tropics, what was I thinking?) and look forward to meeting the rest.

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