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RJ Taylor

Hi, I’m RJ! Also occasionally known as Rebecca, Rebs, Rebedebe, Count Rebula, etc. I live in the Boston area. I write mostly Secondary-World Fantasy, but some literary fiction and flash fiction as well.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve, but haven’t published. I spent a long time being disappointed that I wasn’t (or secretly hoping I was) a child prodigy. I thought that since I “discovered my calling” young that it should somehow come easily for me and/or I should be compelled to work on it nonstop until I was a master. I put too much of my personal self-worth in writing. This made for something like a co-dependent relationship, full of lots of unnecessary drama and psychological snares; I would occasionally renounce writing, and occasionally have delusions of being able to support myself with it within a few months “if I only had the chance”. Nonetheless, in spite of this, I’ve completed three novels and dozens of short stories Luckily I’ve been working a lot to love myself more (and hey, look, Step #1!) and thus detach my self-confidence from either my productivity or my skill, while still working to improve both.

I met Steve and Tananarive on the cruise and knew right away that they had authentic guidance to offer right in line with where my life was taking me next, so I’m greatly looking forward to taking that journey with you all!

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