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Sonia Ross

Hello! My name is Sonia. Sorry for the late introduction. I am new to writing in a manner of speaking. I have always had ideas floating around in my head but never put them down on paper. My interest area for fiction is mainly sci-fi. I have never actually written a fiction story…wait I take that back. I have begun several but never finished.

I have journaled all of my life and have always had really vivid story ideas just sit themselves in my head. I have self-published a non-fiction book on Amazon related to my spiritual practice and what came through me as I meditated. I have plans to write a second non-fiction book on spirituality, healing, and black liberation.

I have always wanted to do fiction work as well but was to scared I guess. This is my first writing course and I believe finding this course was the universe’s way of helping me focus on my goals and dreams and invest in myself. Currently I work as a social worker in Washington, DC.

I am so glad to be here and feel I can learn so much from Steven and Tananarive!

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