Reply To: Finished Reading TAGR

Steven Barnes

I know a man named Tim Piering who exemplified as close to “every” principle in that book as I can think off the top of my head. Very successful, healthy, accomplished man on every level. I honestly don’t know ANYONE who is successful who didn’t exemplify about 1/3 of the principles at the least.

A man like Benjamin Franklin covered a lot of that territory. Really, a person who had all of that integrated at the level of “unconscious competence would be rather scary.

Most successful people have the following: persistence, planning, clear intentions, “Mastermind” alliances (critical), and say, specialized knowledge. If I had to choose just three of them, I’d say clear intentions, persistence and the Mastermind.

Only one? Damn, that’s rough. Maybe super clear intentions, as if you know what you want, and have emotions behind it, you’ll take action (persistence) and gather allies automatically (mastermind). But really, NONE of these are as important as an invisible “unstated” principle that connects all of them and cannot QUITE be put into language.

Hope that helps!

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