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Sara Gabriella

Wow, what an eclectic group. I’m bummed I missed this cruise! It’s on my radar now, so maybe I’ll meet a few of you on the high seas next year.

I’m a published non-fiction author, published writer in national and local media, contributor to a hodgepodge of websites and blogs, published poet and producer.

I’ve been a part of Steven’s tribe for years and am a grad of a few of his programs. This one particularly knocks me right in the feels since using my creative super powers to make a positive impact in the world is a fundamental mission.

I’m looking to be part of a creative community centered around the value of social justice since my deepest drive is to use storytelling to reveal truths that make the world a more just and compassionate place. Great fiction does this by widening prespectives, provoking transformational insights and revealing truths in a way “facts” are often not capable of doing alone.

My hope is that this group can help me be accountable to my writing goal of getting a short story published within the next few months. Of course that means writing eveeryday, which is a struggle for me, so feel free to kick my arse and hold me to the fire!

Glad to be among new friends in this course 🙂

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