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I grew up in a, relatively, small town and never felt that I fit in with the majority of residents; so, I can relate.

I’ve run software development teams that were, literally, around the world. I had teams, working on different portions of the same product, in Washington state, New Hampshire, Denmark, UK, Australia, and India — scheduling an all-hands meeting was a challenge. It takes some real work to succeed in such an environment. Just dealing with the cultural differences can be daunting.

You’ve actually got a good base by having met people on the cruise. Use the internet to maintain those connections and build on them. Look for chances to reconnect face-to-face by attending other cruises or attending conventions where you know some of them will also be attending.

Skype and Google Hangouts actually makes maintaining these connections much easier than when I first tried running an international team, and you no longer need enterprise-level resources or IT support to do it.

What support and features, on this site, will help you connect with your tribe?

You might start by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner of the page and filling in the Biographical Info portion of your profile to make people aware of your interests, and areas of expertise.

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